Ibo Maraca

About This Project

Ibo-maraca is an exotic elegant brand which includes millinery as well as handbags. The designer of the brand is of Greek origin and was born in the spectacular city of Maracaibo in Venezuela. Hence, each and every piece of the first collection of the brand is a vibrant reflection of Greek magnificence in combination with the tropical chic beauty of South America. The main concept behind the creation of Ibo-maraca was that art should not be bounded and become only a matter of space. Instead art should communicated through fashion and worn in everyday life. That is why every Ibo-maraca hat is a piece of art, created by distinguished Greek artists.The unisex millinery collection includes 2 types of hats, the classic Panama hat (fedora) as well as the Borsalino hat. The handmade designs can also be found in beach bags and 2 everyday soft bags.

Project Type

Web site Design, SEO, Digital Marketing, Content Management